A fun game about the internet!

Spoofy teaches children about the dangers of the internet, behaving online and other topics related to smart devices. Engaging, educational and free to play!

For parents

Children start to use smart devices at an early age and they often cannot see what could happen or where the dangers are. Spoofy shows the player how to behave correctly, what the possible problems are, and teaches to always ask their parents for help.

Here you can find additional material to supervise your child while playing Spoofy and useful links for additional material.

For educators

Spoofy is an excellent way to teach younger school aged kids different competencies: the game deals with polite and friendly behaviour, understanding texts, avoiding danger, comparing similarities, seeking help and learning digital competencies. The game also suits preschool aged kids when played with an adult.

Here you can find additional class exercises and materials for supervising the pupils.

Useful materials